This project is an educational experience that allows students to interact with, and take part in, the process of copper production in the Bronze Age through placing them in a virtual reality recreation of Khirbat en-Nahas and immersing them in the different stages of copper production

Purpose: Our intention is to place a student in an environment in which they can interact with the environment in a similar way to the people that would have occupied the area

Process: The simulator involves three levels. First, the user is placed in a copper mine and gets to experience a visually stimulating simulation with guidance from a friendly AI named Connor. Then, the user has the opportunity to work on a Bronze Age, bellows-powered furnace. Finally, the user gets to give the fruits of their labor to King Solomon himself.

VR Aspect: This is a speculative recreation that would not be accessible in this capacity without the use and pairing of cyber archeology and VR world building.

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