Professor Tom Levy and the archaeologists that provided this vast amount of data and models for us to work with. Also, big shout out to Anish and Connor for motivating us, helping us, and overall being very approachable when we had any technical or spiritual questions.

What it does

It showcases a representation of the copper smelting process in Khirbat en-Nahas.

How we built it

We utilized Unity and the archaeological data provided to us by the amazing team of archaeologists who have worked at the sites.

Challenges I ran into

Everything, especially lack of experience.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We got the dummies to move and we learned a lot about the site.

What I learned

We learned a lot about the history of copper smelting in the Middle Eastern area, as well as certain rises and falls of the empires and kingdoms of the time.

What's next for Copper Production in Khirbat en-Nahas

Perhaps we can make the experience more interactive and immersive.

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