Provenance is an evolving demand and we posit that all participants within commodity markets will find value in definitive sourcing of products (think blood diamonds)

What it does

Aeris Hub will be a decentralized smart contract based platform to enable copper cathode producers to differentiate their cathodes, earn higher premiums and allow copper buyers to validate the source of copper from high performance mines using ESG best practices

How we built it

We are building smart contracts in RUST and AssemblyScript on top of the NEAR Protocol layer 1 blockchain

Challenges we ran into

Deciding on the right technology mix and gaining buy in.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our 1st customer is a copper mine in Chile, where we will test and implement our platform. They have provided resources in people and data. Our primary contact is in charge of the workflow of cathode production and sales AND manages the relationship with the Conglomerate. We could not ask for a better point person! A $40 Billion Conglomerate that buys 60-100% of the copper mine’s production (customer of the customer) is very interested and wants us to proceed quickly. They will provide cooperation and resources as needed. They indicated an immediate need for this functionality and discussed their commitment to blockchain technology for the future. This conglomerate owns other mines around the world. Once our platform is built and tested it will be easy to roll out to other mines quickly. THIS IS A HUGE WIN!

What we learned

Getting the process flow right and coding the logic accurately is key to success

What's next for Aeris Hub

Build, test, and deploy

Built With

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