One of our group members, Saroj Dahal, is an international student from Nepal. When his grandparents were flying from Nepal to America to visit, they faced an immediate language barrier. Since his grandparents knew no English, Saroj had to fly to Nepal just to bring his grandparents here. Without him, his grandparents might have had to starve through their journey due to their inability to order food and might have had to suffer finding washrooms in the airport. Not being able to ask for help in a different country is terrifying. Navigating an airport is a challenge that all new international and first-time travelers face. This prompted us with the idea to create Co-Pilot, a digital application that creates a feeling of comfortability when one may be experiencing the intimidation of navigating an airport for the first time, and the culture shock that can accompany travelling.

What it does

Copilot creates a personalized guide to help users overcome barriers that come with first time and international travel.

How we built it

Through collaboration and brainstorming we brought clear visual representation of the services we want to provide and laid comprehensive plans to address feasibility of application of these services.

Challenges we ran into

Time management, communication of ideas, finding ways to apply ourselves outside of our personal strengths.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Mock-up simulation of working app interface, production of video unique to other presentations

What we learned

Use of photoshop software, new uses for powerpoint, how to visualize and demonstrate a nonexistent product beyond conceptual phase.

What's next for Copilot

We plan on going to LaunchNet with our school to learn and get advice on how to how to start up our business.

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