Today's world for modern riders is a dangerous one. Our rides get better and faster, yet roads deteriorate and we still have a complicated relationship with fellow motorists. What we need is someone watching our backs, making sure we receive help if we need it, while also helping us to improve our rides. We need a Copilot.

Copilot is your silent partner whenever you ride. A "set it and forget it" solution, upon first launch, Copilot will ask its driver to designate a contact to be alerted in case of emergency, in addition to a few personalization options. Once configured, Copilot will act as your guardian angel, monitoring your ride in the background. Upon detection of a crash, Copilot will alert the contact designated by the driver as well as the proper authorities. Copilot can even automatically launch itself whenever the driver's device is turned on, allowing for a potentially life saving safety net even if the driver forgets to launch the app before their ride.

Copilot will also help you refine and analyze your ride style. Copilot will take a GPS snapshot whenever it detects rapid acceleration or deceleration, or whenever you achieve a new top speed. When paired with an Android Wear device, Copilot will also take a snapshot whenever it detects a sudden spike in its driver's heart-rate. You'll receive a complete map of every snapshot taken along your ride, allowing you to check your speed profile throughout the ride and check where your heart may have been telling you to work on your control.

With a designated Copilot by your side, you'll finally be able to ride with confidence.

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