Welcome to the sexy world of Commercial Real Estate! Just kidding. CRE is about as un-sexy as it gets. On paper, it's about Price-per-Square-Foot, Zoning, and CAP rates. However, at a higher level, it's about helping clients through an important transition in their lives: buying and selling properties; beginnings and endings. It's the role of the Commercial Real Estate Agent to help their clients navigate this turbulent period as smoothely as possible.

There are a lot of moving pieces involved in every property listed, leased, or sold. Most of it can get quite repetitive, but each minute task is very important. Putting up signs, making brochures, entering data on exchange listing portals, etc. Even with a handful of brokers and a few dozen listings, sometimes things fall through the cracks. When we drop the ball on things, the client suffers, and we look bad. In an industry whose main currency is relationships, image and customer service are everything.

That's why we created the Commercial Real Estate CoPilot: helping Agents navigate safely from listing to closing.

CoPilot is like Facebook meets IFTTT meets Mint for commercial properties and real estate agencies. It collects and focuses the data and conversations around a property using Salesforce Chatter. It automates internal processes and task generation using Salesforce Workflows. And it tracks property statuses and pipelines for both Agents and the company as a whole using Salesforce Custom Objects and Reports. Agents can manage their listings, see outstanding tasks, and communicate with staff. Staff can view listing details, complete their tasks, and communicate with agents. The BIC can view the health of the company from a listing, process, and cashflow perspective. Everyone has the information they need to do their job as effectively as possible.

CoPilot is based on Salesforce in order to utilize their robust data modeling and automated processes. The user interface is in responsive HTML5/CSS3 and hosted on Heroku so the same interface can be used on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Most importantly, the user experience is simple and familiar in order to maximize adoption by all parties involved.

CoPilot will significantly improve the health of a commercial real estate firm and increase both broker and staff productivity by providing tools for collaboration, communication, and insight into the state of the business and a snapshot of all real estate listings so we know where we are, and where we are going, so we can get to where we want to be.

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