Do You Struggle With Drowsy Driving?

DID YOU KNOW THAT 1 IN 4 ACCIDENTS INVOLVE A DROWSY DRIVER? After 20 hours without sleep, research has shown the performance decrease is the equivalent of a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of 0.08%, the approximate threshold for drunk driving (DUI) in most states in the US — and with today’s hectic schedules, that means a nation of sleep-deprived drivers are in desperate need of assistance.

CoPilot is that assistance.

What if You Could CoPilot Today?

COPILOT IS A POWER-UP TO MERCEDES-BENZ’S ATTENTION ASSIST SYSTEM. Using the already-existing technology inside Mercedes-Benz vehicles, CoPilot adds a valuable call to action in more ways than one — first by assisting the driver in selecting a suitable destination (either a short break at a rest stop or a hotel room for a good night’s sleep), and then by helping the driver contact their friends ASAP (by sending out automatically generated messages with relevant contextual info from the car's telematics to a preferred group of contacts).

The AI uses Voice Recognition to converse with the driver and engages the driver with trivia questions to keep them alert. CoPilot scans replies from friends and upon getting a positive response CoPilot connects the driver to the friend. This way, the driver is kept alert by human interaction and possible peer pressure from the friend could convince the driver to stop and take a rest.

The team thoroughly enjoyed Hack with the Best and would like to thank Mercedes-Benz, BeMyApp, Nokia Here and the judges/mentors.

Currently we're going through the Mercedes-Benz Refinement Program and having a blast with it. Get in touch if you want to know more!

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