Since the start of the pandemic, we have all felt the effects of this trying time, and of the establishment of a “new normal”. While there have been some positive changes, these past few months have also seen an increase in depression, particularly in the young and the very old demographic, who now find themselves trapped in their homes without any external source of inspiration or motivation. To combat the monotony and the perceived meaninglessness of pandemic everyday life, we developed COPEVID-19, a web application to spread positivity and social good while encouraging self-care to boost one’s mental health in this unprecedented period of crisis. Our website stands out in that it promotes real action and interaction with others to solve problems instead of merely being a source of information and reference. Try it out here, or view our cringy video demonstration here!

What it does

COPEVID-19 aids people by providing ideas for acts of kindness towards strangers, family, and the user themself. It achieves this goal through the use of digital cards with tasks written on them that suggest a large variety of activities that can be completed to boost serotonin levels by helping others, or through self care. It also includes a forum where users can share their experiences and read about other people’s experiences for inspiration.

How we built it

What's unique about our project compared to many others is our python flask back end for our community page, where a database is required to keep track of logins and task completions in the forum. Of course, we also have your typical HTML/CSS/Javascript front end as a navigational page. Although our overall user interface is simple and frankly quite mediocre, our content makes up for the lack of visuals. It's not every day you see a repl.it-made website with a login and a forum page where many users can communicate!

Challenges we ran into

Some challenges we ran into were, for the front end GUI portion, the formatting, as well as the initial idea development. The back end specifically caused us much confusion; the database SQL parameters kept going wrong as did the python code. We also had to figure out how to move the flask project from the local virtual environment in my IDE to our repl.it project so that we could have a linkable URL to combine with our front end.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Regardless of the challenges we faced in refining and ensuring that our website functions in the way we envisioned, we are proud of the end result, a creation that can help people and promote social good in this trying time. In fact, we are proud that despite several setbacks, we have created a website that is overall totally usable through our team’s cooperation, perseverance, and the effort we all put in in order to achieve our end result.

What we learned

Through creation of this project, we learned about the importance of different approaches to one idea, as well as the difficulty of working effectively as a team. In terms of the technical aspects, we learned much about certain GUI elements in HTML and CSS, as well as about how to use a database and a server side to your advantage in website creation.

What's next for COPEVID-19

We hope that the COPEVID-19 user community will grow, and with it will the emotional capacity of the users to inspire and uplift each other through their experiences. We hope that our website will facilitate the creation of a community that will continue to support each other, even after the sense of normalcy returns.

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