Most people love pets but not all of them can afford Pet raising including feeding, training, reserving space. Our system would help them to make the wish come true: co-own a pet. We call it CoPetting.

What it does

Connect PetOwners and PetLovers to co-own cute pets. Share love, care for our pets. Benefit from Pet caring/sharing. Reduce cost of pet health insurance service utilized by co-insurance model. Inspired by latest Blockchain technologies: Token, NFT, DEX.

How we built it

We constructed an ecosystem which contains 3 components: ** - Pet Community** Share love of pet between Pet lovers. Communicate between Pet Lovers and Pet Owners.

** - Pet Mart** Listing Pets in NFT where PetLovers can gift to become co-owner. Provide Food, Toys, House, Health services, Beauty services… for pets

** - Pet Insurance** Remove middle-man in Pet Insurance industry. PetOwners sponsor themselves, no more payment for middle insurance company. PetOwner pays a little monthly fee to the PetInsurance Fund. When pet is sicked, the PetInsurance Fund would pay the bill for PetOwner until it runs out.

Challenges we ran into

Sales/Marketing. This project should be funded quickly and efficiently.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We've built core features of given 3 components. More features have been being added. UI/UX would be enhanced.

What we learned

Build a startup should not be a picnic, but has been very excited when we can do what we are dreaming.

What's next for CoPetting

Pet Gaming. More gaming services for Pet and Pet Lovers.

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