Inspiration - - Effective testing for COVID-19 is key to control the pandemic— knowing who is infected, who has been exposed, and who is immune. Though there have been major efforts around the world to increase the production capacity of Covid-19 testing kits, the demand is likely to exceed the actual capacity. Thus, there is a need to identify the potential patients of COVID-19 to ensure optimum testing and prevent any unnecessary disease spread while testing. This is what inspired us to create this solution

What it does - This solution will ask all relevant questions from the users and provide assessment results & recommendations based on the user’s symptoms. It also has the capability to book an appointment for the patient with the nearby doctors based on their availability

How I built it - This has been achieved by centralizing health care physicians’ data along with their availability schedule and combining the potential of RPA & Conversational AI. Chatbot assesses the user's symptoms and RPA helps in booking appointment with the doctor

Challenges I ran into - Building the connection between chatbot and RPA was a tricky task but FireBase database helped us resolve this. We were able to connect to Firebase database both through chatbot and RPA to make this handshake possible

Accomplishments that I'm proud of - Our solution is capable of increasing awareness towards Covid-19 self assessment and prevention. It also helps in booking appointment with doctors in case of medical assistance required. Also, the overall reach of this solution is around 2 billion people worldwide which will significantly improve the current Covid-19 testing across the world

What I learned - We have learnt a lot about how technology can help during these kind of situations. A simple solution can be also very helpful to the normal people and can create a big impact. Customizing the chatbot to interact with RPA was something very interesting that we learnt during this project.

What's next for COPE - Covid-19 Patient Evaluation - We can add features like video conferencing with doctors & placing IVR call to the patient's emergency contact in case of medical emergency. Also, this solution can be evolved to a Universal Patient Self-Assessment suite for other ailments as well

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