Coordinates – true partner of an active man. Perfect for surfers.

Useful navigation system tool for everyday use. Working with GPS from your smartphone/tablet.

Using it you will have a possibility to be aware of weather forecast in your region, latest data on nearest waves and stay relevant. (Surf Forecast for California region only, will be updates for another spots later).

Thanks to water-resistant Gear 2/Neo/S smartwatch and Galaxy S 5 you can use them both under any weather conditions and any time during the day staying in touch and enjoying active life.

Go to the wave!


1 Defines temperature, wind and your speed

2 Longitude and latitude coordinates

3 Settings – meters/ feet, Centigrade/Fahrenheit. Keep Screen On/Off

4 Stylish vintage 1970s design

NEW UPDATES for Round 2:

1 Surfer mode – for getting information about strength and speed of the nearest wave

2 Centigrade/Fahrenheit Mode

3 Gear S Version in native 360 x 480 resolution

Inspired by California freedom spirit.

Use for everybody.

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