I talked with lots of people about the need to come together as communities. It seems abstract, and the response was often less than enthusiastic. However, people's eyes lit up when I mentioned getting cheaper toilet paper by buying in bulk. So that gave me the starting point for using Web 3 to bring people together within powerful business and local communities.

What it does

Submitted to METIS Ecosystem Builder Mining program, Oct 2

Bulk buying across networks of local communities will change how food is grown, and reduce the number of toxins in our food, so that we all enjoy greater health. Therefore this dapp advances several UN Sustainability goals.

Using the proposed dapp coordinating the ability of corporations to buy in bulk, they discover a major new way of lowering costs and therefore increasing their returns on investment. The discount rates that corporations receive through the dapp will benefit Web 3 participants.

Coordinating their ability to buy in bulk will require corporations to provide data on their buying cycles. Corporate beneficiaries or users record and update their anticipated yearly purchasing cycles plus the expected volumes of goods and services they will require throughout the year.

The dApp aggregates and displays anticipated purchasing cycles and automatically determines the potential bulk prices throughout the year. The dapp maintains all relevant contacts in one place on their cell phones, and generates one invoice for using this service.

Web 3 participants who opt into this service will make smart contracts for purchases that fit the corporate cycles. Polis middleware compiles the smart contract compatible with Web3.

We start with coordinated bulk purchasing for Metis DACs, and Ethereum Layer 1 builds and corporations. For individuals to benefit from bulk buying, Metis participants jump in and record their purchase requests based on the purchasing cycles of the main beneficiaries. For all beneficiaries to enjoy better prices, they receive custom prompts on how and when to issue their requests.

Everyone is empowered to advocate for changes in product content and ingredients - for sustainability and health reasons - and for improved or additional service features. Helpful suggestions and solid feedback are rewarded with tokens issued by the main beneficiaries.

After we establish a user base on the Metis platform, we test out the dapp in local areas. Local companies help residents of neighbourhoods or rural areas get lower prices on goods and services.

The dapp could lead us into becoming a wholesaler that works on behalf of local retailers to source healthy products at lower prices. We protect local stores that we serve by charging residents rates closer to retail.

Market Research

Compare with online department stores, and Costco or PriceClub Online, where retailers provide products with unbiased consumer comments – eg. cameras, lighting, sound equipment, etc. Compare with other online stores like Amazon.

We will not ask big retail chains to participate.

I am in contact with lots of small retailers in my area. All four retailers that I asked are interested. Some are eager to simply be able to offer their products online.

How we built it

It will be easier to build using Polis, a middleware platform on Metis.

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for Coordinated Bulk Buying – Fulfilling Relationships

When the bugs are worked out, and we have a user base, we test out use of the dApp in local areas.

Built With

  • polis
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