Photography is a huge hobby of mine, and sometimes I find myself unable to find where to be for the right shot. After looking at amazing pictures taken by others on Flickr and SmugMug, I came up with the idea to use GPS coordinates embedded in EXIF metadata in photos to guide photographers to locations used by other fellow photographers.

The target users of my app are photographers looking to get that perfect shot or tourists who want to know where the best views are.

While the app itself is still in the early stages, I would love to expand this app to use Flickr's API as I had not yet received my API key before the hackathon. Additionally, I plan to expand this app to include a wider database and to add Android and iOS compatibility as well.

With this app, I'm honestly most proud of the fact that I finished. This was an unexpected solo project for me because my teammates couldn't make it last minute, and on top of that a project like this would take me a few weeks. While I know there are more complex projects at this hackathon, for a first year CompSci major like myself at my first hackathon, I'm immensely happy that I finished before the deadline.

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