The code was originally intended to solve a problem among us when applying for co-op jobs, which was the lack of transparency and practical information about the postings and job experience. However I envisioned a network where all co-op students can openly share information about their co-op experiences in a visual and intuitive manner. And that is exactly what my teammates and I built for Hack the North.

It is targeted to all Waterloo co-op students who are frustrated at Jobmine, and would like to use a better website to help them learn more about their interested job postings before applying.

Some of the key features of this project include a full-page map, which uses markers to represent available co-op positions in different regions, and a very beautiful, simple and easy-to-use UI, allowing students to search for employers by name, region or filters. We are very proud of the UI design in particular, because we packed in many important features with a minimalist approach.

The possibilities of our idea is endless: it could directly benefit thousands of Waterloo students, and push the development of better systems for co-operative education.

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