Due to the recent outbreak of coronaVirus or COVID - 19, The world is under crisis. More than half a million people are suffering and more than a quarter of a hundred thousand people have died. The only primary precaution or the only way to stop this spread is social distancing which we all are into right now. many institutions, organizations, and companies are incurring huge losses and hence to survive are asking their employees to work from home. But, this isn't easy right? From the reference of this article and many other sources, we figured out two primary problems that are associated with working from home, which are :

  • The individuals either end up overworking or underworking since they are at their home and won't follow a rigid schedule or any schedule at all. Their sleeping cycle generally is disturbed because of the workload and home situation and hence they wither delay their work by underworking or start overworking to complete the delayed work. This, in turn, affects adversely on both the individuals' mental and physical health as well as the company's targets or goals.

  • Secondly, since the individuals are working from home they do not indulge in any social or work-related interaction with anyone. This leads to a feeling of loneliness and a lack of human interaction for the individual due to which their anxiety levels rise up and this also affects their productivity.

Conventionally individuals communicate and collaborate through workspaces like Slack, Discord, etc. these are designed for supporting in the physical workspace but do not work quite well when it comes to 'work from home' situation because it does not tackle the above-mentioned problems.

What it does

CoolSpace Workspace is a workspace designed particularly to help and support all the individuals who are working from home. It is an end to end completely functional workspace with all the inherent components of a conventional workspace along with extra components which optimally solve the problems which arise due to working from home. CoolSpace has an in-house optimized scheduler which schedules all the tasks and jobs given from the office in a very efficient and optimized manner. This perfect scheduler optimizes your schedule in such a way that

  • You finish all your work and tasks significantly before the deadline.
  • You do not end up overworking or underworking and work optimally utilizing your best potential
  • You get adequate breaks and rest which are essential to get back to work and for your mental health

All you have to do is work as per the shown schedule.

Apart from this, CoolSpace also has a native social interactive handle. Here is where all the fun happens! Individuals from the institution or organization can post memes, share jokes, or any other content they wish to. They can also interact with each other for work and or for fun. Individuals can also view the most trending posts or topics which they can filter and read!

This is the most fun and highly effective workspace with an optimized scheduler, Fun social interaction over a marvelous UI. Well, all Love it!!

How I built it

  • We are using Machine Learning techniques and greedy algorithms for NLP clustering and smart scheduling
  • We are using Twilio to keep the individuals in the organization updated with the latest happening inside and outside ( the workspace along with important and urgent Notifications.
  • We are running the Twilio Scripts on the Google Cloud Platform instance or VM
  • We used oracle cloud Instance as a common machine to integrate different parts and train and run out Machine Learning Models
  • We used Oracle Autonomous Database as a database for our workspace (Images, Posts …).
  • We used UI - Path WebScraper to keep our workspace updated with current news and Happenings and we scrape through GitHub Repositories of the individuals to track their progress for efficient management of their schedule and real-time modifications
  • UI Path also scrapes for the live covid statistics in realtime and sends the updates to the user using Twilio sms api
  • We used flask for a great UI which is backed by a Python backend along with an oracle database

Challenges I ran into

Getting the backend to work with so many features and optimizing the scheduler was a hell of a challenge. Also understanding so many technologies from Twilio to GCP to Oracle etc. and integrating them with our hack was also physically and mentally taxing. But, we've got it all to work and provide a fun interface for everyone.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are really proud that we were able to build something of this scale in a few hours which conventionally would have taken months to build. We are also proud of our marvelous user-friendly, easy to understand User - Interface. That's indeed impressive, isn't it? Also we are particularly proud that we could use UI Path automation for web scraping and Twilio api for send SMS notifications.

What I learned

Wow, that was a great journey! I learned so many new technologies and frameworks. We pretty much explored almost all the sponsors, from Twilio to GCP and Oracle! In addition, many valuable lessons were learned through the journey. We learnt how powerful UI Path automation could be for web scraping and automating scripts. Crystal clear communication and role divisions facilitated the building experience and contributed to our team's building process.

What's next for CoolSpace Workspace

CoolSpace is going to be deployed, advertised and used by tons and tons of people in days to come. We would use UI Path to scrape more websites to provide more accurate and instant results and improve upon our twilio script to provide location specific sms to the users. We are happy that we could contribute a little something to the world in this situation.

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