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Python Script

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CooLIT is a program that will be providing and collecting different forms of information and displaying it to different parties. Farmworkers will check in at morning orientations using the program to clock in; while clocking in, the orientation leader will monitor farm workers to search for anyone that is injured, intoxicated, or otherwise unfit for work. Upon check-in completion, farmworkers will wear a clip-on IoT device that will remain at the workplace at the end of each day. This device will alert farmworkers of what sort of actions they should be taking throughout the day, including: taking a water break, going into the shade, or taking a break indoors. Each alert will be triggered using a combination of temperature and heart rate inputs from the worker, combined with pre-programmed OSHA standards. Information regarding farmworkers’ conditions will also be transmitted to farm managers from the device, which will assess whether workers are fit to continue working. Lastly, farm owners can use information from the device to check on managerial activities, to verify that farmworkers are not neglected.


Our device was based on solving the certain challenges faced due to communication obstacles and lack of data collection in the farming industry. Simplicity and user friendly implementations were incorporated through our prototype. Due to a lot of research, we didn't want to overcomplicate or create language barriers. In our code, it can be noted with our design of integrating colored lights( along with sound) that would alert the farmer when they are in need of a break, hydration due to the analysis we receive from their body temperature/ heart rate.


Alexia Reyes: Team Lead,Product Structure Designer, Marketing Manager, Reasercher Jeffrey Estrada Ramos: Software Development and Researcher Jesse Radilla: Software Development and Researcher Richard Nelson, V: Editor, Product Structure Designer, Cost/Finance Manager

*All members contributed in product research, market research, product presentation, and technical support (coding) as needed.

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