Ángel Pérez saw the demand for this application after having a conversation with a Mechanical Engineer he met over the summer back in Puerto Rico. The Engineer kept stressing the fact that his clients kept ruining their investments by letting their enclosures reach temperatures that burned out the electronics. After asking the Engineer more about what role temperature played on these enclosures daily operation time, Ángel realized the need for a tool that will help engineers as well as non-engineers (most likely owners of an enclosure) calculate the temperature differences and let them know what to do in order to not ruin their investment. That initial idea grew into many select equations and conversion factors that were acquired by a month of testing and research prior to arriving at Michigan. After deciding to use this idea for Mhacks, James and Ángel met via email thanks to the MHacks IV googleDoc. Since then, the concept mapping for this application was re-designed again and again in order to make it as efficient and executable as possible for MHacks IV. On the line for registration the addition of Han Zhang and Nicholas Higgins, was made to the team. We made sure we all knew each others strengths as well as weaknesses in order to place ourselves in the areas we'd each be most productive for the next 36 hours. Being that James knew mostly Objective-C, and Nick knew mostly C#, they each began to develop the mobile Coolit app for their corresponding platforms. Ángel took charge in making sure the equations at were correct, while also creating new equations necessary with the help and mathematical reassurance of Han Zhang. We pride ourselves most in our teamwork attitude towards the idea. This was basically the overall gist of how our MHacks VI went down. We look forward to demo-ing tomorrow. Thanks for the opportunity.

Sincerely, Ángel Perez and The Coolit Team

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