Inspiration Our graphical designer, Annabelle, came up with the idea. We were brainstorming and it seemed like something that interested all of us.

What it does It provides a different topic each day. The users are able to post what they think about the topic. Others can like and comment on their post. Posts are then sorted by how popular they are (based on likes). Users also have the capability to sign up for an account then they can log in and out of the app.

How I built it We used the ionic framework which uses cordova in order to make cross-platform apps while programming with HTML, JS (particularly AngularJS), and CSS. In order to save the posts that the users post, we used firebase which worked very well with the ionic framework and AngularJS.

Challenges I ran into At times, it was difficult to focus only on the front-end because of how heavily connected some pages were to the data being passed to it. Because of this, the way I had to shape the pages was based on the way our data was passed, but the converse of that was also true.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of I'm proud of the fact that my team was able to work so well together. We all have pretty different backgrounds and are relatively inexperienced, but we used our skills to improve the app. My focus was the front-end of the website so I dealt mainly with the HTML and CSS, but I had to help out with some of the more complicated JS because it took a combination of us to solve some problems. Lester and Kerlin worked on the backend and made it function as well as it did. Annabelle produced all of the great graphics seen in the app. It was particularly impressive since 3/4 of our team were at our first hackathon. The other person, Kerlin, had only been to one before, where he worked on a game programmed in Java so it was very different.

What I learned I learned a lot about mobile-app development, especially cross-platform development, AngularJS, and how hackathons work.

What's next for CoolerTalk__HackFSU We hope to add some more features before releasing it to the Apple App Store and for android users.

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