#How does it work?

Smart Pod Grid(SPG) detects the purity and stock of the row. SPG is a horizontal grid of pods which sits on the top of the bottles. Every time the cooler door is closed, it detects the signature of bottles and transmits the information to cloud.

Stock, Enforce and audit Purity of the cooler row.

What is a Pod?

Pod is a Polygon Hexagonal Prism which is capable of detecting surface signature of different KO products. External - Each face of Hexagonal Prism consists of elevated signature of KO products which interfaces with KO product bottle caps and cans etc. Internal - Each pod has sensors to detect the impression strength of fix between Pod and bottle caps.These Pods can communicate between different pods through a bridge which forms a backbone to form a Grid.

Smart Pod Grid:

SPG is Group of pods arranged accordingly to planogram of cooler row. SPG sits on the top of the KO products. Every time the door is closed, it outputs the purity details and stock details

# What does it measure?

Stock and Purity

Does the retailer/bottler/distributor have to do anything different to make your solution work? (if yes, please explain)

Yes we need small change on bottle cap with lower signature of KO products

What materials does your solution require?

3D printing material, Sensors and software.

Best guest on cost to implement

On large scale the hardware would be less $10, cloud software cost

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