#How does it work?

Our system takes several measures on the coke products and identifies them to an established color profile and container characteristics. Then, a statistical test is used to fit data to curves for the purposes of detecting beverages.

  1. Color of label
  2. Color of liquid
  3. Color of bottle cap
  4. Motion detection to determine container type using Infra red LED and Photodiodes
  5. Switch button to identify items being placed into cooler # # What does it measure?
  6. Color
  7. Luminosity
  8. Motion detection
  9. Items being placed into cooler • Does the retailer/bottler/distributor have to do anything different to make your solution work? (if yes, please explain) -No • ## What materials does your solution require?
  10. LED
  11. Infrared emitter and detector Diode
  12. Photoresistor
  13. Rocker switch
  14. Wires
  15. Pre-calculated color profile on Coke products labels, bottle caps, and container contents built from collected data
  16. Statistical Tests to determine if it is probable that the product under the sensor in a given moment matches the color profile for a known product with an arbitrary level of confidence.

• ## Best guest on cost to implement Proposed Prototype per cooler shelf:

LED Light x 2 $1 Photoresistor x 2 $1 Infrared emitter and detector Diodes $2 Rocker switch x 2 = $1

Total Approx $5 ( retail)

Current Prototype / cooler shelf:

RGB Color Sensor x 2 $13 Infrared emitter and detector Diodes $2 Rocker switch x 2 = $1

Total Approx $16

Challenges you/your team ran into

We found collecting good data and building a comprehensive color and feature profile on Diet Coke, Sprite, and Coke difficult. • ## What you/your team learned

  • Learned Coke’s Business interest in coolers
  • Leaned what makes a product scalable
  • Identified current market problems
  • Used Microprocessors and Microcontrollers to collect data • ## Next steps The next steps are to implement a conclusive color profile and container characteristic of each Coke product with the measures listed above and that will assist in dependable data. We are confident in reaching a significant lower cost by implementing a LED Light and Photoresistor combination. Trouble shooting will continue with being able to identify whether it is a bottle or can.

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