• Online stock simulation games have a viral hit, and we want to carry on those enthusiasms to the other aspects of investment for individuals.
  • Real estate seems a very exciting and interesting place to start, so we created this game to attract aspiring landlords/landladies and educate them for their future investments.

What it does

  • The game that simulates renting out properties as a landlord
  • Educates aspiring or current landlords to perform best practices on their properties and toward their rentees
  • Helps inform knowledge that landlords should have through the form of a game

How we built it

  • Brainstormed the idea
  • Created a mock-up on Figma and iterated over it until it looks good
  • Conducted user survey to make sure the interface looks as expected
  • Then, we started developing the HTML

Challenges we ran into

  • Thinking about an idea that we want to work on
  • Limited background in app development
  • Our app is in HTML, CSS, JavaScript since it's difficult to pick up mobile apps in a quick weekend. We tried doing it on mobile, but after countless hours of trying, we weren't able to get it going so we pivoted to HTML instead
  • Styling is a pain but it was rewarding to see it after completion

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We were able to collaborate together and bounce ideas off of each other
  • Clearly distinguish the MVP's from the nice-to-have features

What we learned

  • We learned that prototyping is very important to translate our ideas into a product
  • Some Swift when we were trying to develop it as a mobile app

What's next for Landlopoly

  • Implement play with nearby player function for friendly competition
  • Collaboration with real estate/rental apps such as Zillow Inc.
  • Insert educational blogs and posts to better educate the players

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