We are all international students who never have good English handwriting. Practicing handwriting using the copybook of calligraphy is suffering because we usually don't know how good we write and how much we can improve it. We hope this tool can help people master their handwriting by providing feedbacks at the same time when they are writing.

What it does

MasterW is an IOS application that helps people improve handwriting by showing how a master is writing and let people imitate by some interactive feedbacks. Users can learn how to master different fonts by practicing writing letters, words and sentences. The strokes、force and angel are recorded when users are writing. These information are compared with a master's, and various feedbacks are provided interactively at the same time to tell people how to improve.

How I built it

Multiple Apple APIs, Apple Pencil, Swift, Python, Opencv, etc.

Challenges I ran into

Hardware, Swift debugging!!!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

great teamwork

What I learned

Teamworking, Swift, Apple Pencil API, UI development, image processing

What's next for Cool Project

Built With user history to track their improvements

Built With

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