We've all suffered through the terrible sensation of burning your tongue on the first sip of hot coffee or tea, and frankly ruining the rest of your day because you can't taste any of your food with your toasted taste buds. And for that reason, we've come up with the perfect solution: Cool-IO.

What it does

Using a temperature sensor and servo-powered container, Cool-IO begins detecting the temperature of your drink at the push of a button, and if it's too hot, will dump ice into the drink to cool it down to a safe temperature. Once safe, the container will return to its original position, indicating that your drink is now safe to consume.

How we built it

Using Arduino code, an MKR1000 with WiFi connectivity, and the Blink app for iPhone, we were able to utilize IoT and multiple sensors in order to make this project come to life and really be useful to the general public!

Built With

  • arduino
  • breadboard
  • button
  • servos
  • technology
  • temperature-sensor
  • wires
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