I saw a video on YouTube about time traveling so I wrote some facts that I learned in the video.

What it does

It teaches you some facts.

How I built it

So I typed the text out but it took me a really long time. Then, I noticed that there were too much text to fit on a screen so I added a second page. Then, I added a settings button. Lastly, I added a music button and a stop music button.

Challenges I ran into

I made a setting called music and I made a stop button. When you click the stop button, it will stop the music. The problem was, that when I clicked the stop button, the music kept going. But I fixed it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud that I learned new things!

What I learned

The facts that I wrote in Cool Facts About Traveling To The Future! !

What's next for Cool Facts About Traveling To The Future!

More facts and updates!

Built With

  • scratch
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