A bunch of us in the Salesforce tech community started posting pictures of food and recipes, as a way to bring some positivity to our Twitter feeds. We started virtual meetups, and thought producing a community inspired cookbook would be a great idea.

What it does

You can't just put a form online and convert that into a book. We needed a way for people to post their recipes, then manage the submissions. They need to be reviewed, tracked, edited and compiled. This project is the basis for all of that.

How I built it

I used Salesforce's native low code features to create the app. It uses web to lead to gather data from a public website. I created automation to create a new submission notification. If a submission is not reviewed after some time, an email alert is generated. Then when everything looks okay, we can flag it as approved, and move it into the cookbook submission phase. With the exception of tweaking the HTML and CSS form, I was able to build this project without writing a single line of code.

Challenges I ran into

This project went fairly smoothly. The hardest part was remembering how to stylize tables correctly. I also noticed that line returns are not preserved in the submission, which should be addressed.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I think the recipe records look really nice on the screen. I may distribute the cookbook digitally as Salesforce records, in addition to a printed book.

What I learned

There are some inherent limitations in Salesforce's web to lead forms. Rich text is not supported natively. I may want to figure out a way to support that, maybe make the instructions a series of steps instead of one large text book.

What's next for Cooking With Clouds

Add anti-spam features, create a more formalized review/approval process for placing the content into a book and enabling https.

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