Many people lack confidence in their cooking skills.

Cooking can feel complex. However, cooking your own meals can be personally rewarding, healthy, cost-effective and can provide a social experience in enjoying meals together.

What it does

What if you had a real-time experience where you learned to easily and perfectly prepare delicious foods without stress, without guessing and without waste?

How we built it

Starting with a concept brainstorming, we developed a project plan with key objectives and milestones that were established early on and aligned to. We then determined how to best divide and conquer and had many check-ins along the way. After creating a storyboard, we gathered or created assets. We utilized the strengths and insights of our mentors along with support from other teams. Our 3D assets, animation, sound effects, music, and videos were built among our team members and then brought into Unity. Programming team integrated the assets and program behaviors to integrate with the Magic Leap One. Our tech tools included: Magic Leap One SDK Unity / Maya / Pro Tools /Photoshop /Adobe Premier / Google Free Images / Insta 360 camera /Nikon Still and Video / Camera/ Slack / Microsoft Office Suite / Dev Post

Challenges we ran into

Saturday evening, 8:45 pm our “Taco” team realized that we were trying to do too much with the new ML1 technology The team was holding two different stories but luckily, we were able to quickly reconcile these differences by focusing on an MVP We learned that our feature definition and execution were different than we originally intended We discussed this with our Magic Leap partner and he confirmed our suspicions that time and physics were not on our side No egos were bruised, no friendships were sacrificed, and no feelings are hurt, we are all pros and now that this is how the real world works no matter the (virtual or augmented) reality

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our team felt safe, supportive and encouraging. Each member of the team was respectful of each other's unique contributions. When we had to pivot, we all focused and agreed on what is our minimum viable product would be.

We were able to plan and develop a viable proof of concept for a brand new mixed reality technology (Magic Leap One) in only 2 days!

The diversity and talent of our team!

What we learned

That teamwork makes the dream work

What's next for Cooking Sherpa MR

Share the product concept as a learning platform for new Magic Leap developers Create a case study and have student teams evolve the product Shop the concept with end users and stakeholders Consider pitching to investors

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