Have you ever been low on food, but want to still make something tasty to eat? Did someone coming over or a last minute meeting catch you by surprise? Were the dining halls closed when you swear they were open for another hour? During our formative and young adult years, food is fundamental to our growth in almost every capacity. As college students, we both have experienced trials and tribulations of these manners; what is one to do when food is an issue? How can I cook by the book when the pantry is almost empty?

What It Does

Cooking Hero gives users possible recipes to cook with what few ingredients one may have. By simply putting in the ingredients one has in their pantry, a recipe will be produced from our database that utilizes those ingredients; you can even search by name if you have a favorite!

What's more: Users can even submit their own recipes by providing a name, ingredients, and optional ingredients and a link.

How We Built It

We used the classic MERN stack and deployed it onto the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Flexbox was used for styling to give the web app that sleek, modern, a e s t h e t i c we all love

Challenges We Ran Into

The methods of implementation we used provided a plethora of challenges. From learning how to make a database, to using React and Javascript to make the site, to connecting the front- and back-ends, to the intricate task of transferring the infrastructure onto GCP. The most difficult was the last task, as the whole structure demanded learning an entirely new system, causing some hiccups here and there, and requiring some overhaul of the project itself.

The mechanisms put in place we also somewhat difficult, such as filtering out recipes based on the ingredients and storage of the recipes from user form submissions.

Accomplishments that We Are Proud of

We actually made it work! Learning React and some fundamentals of GCP allowed us to do some crazy things, and these skills are sure to be passed on to future projects.

What We learned

MERN stacks, React more in-depth, networking basics, URL routing, Google Cloud Platform.

What's next for Cooking Hero

We plan to add more filtering features, especially for allergens and sensitivities; CSS; and uploading the database to the Google Cloud, allowing for BigQuery to produce more comprehensive and faster results once there are a lot of recipes on the app, leading to better, more efficient load balancing, etc. to mimic production websites in companies.

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