I like how Uniswap allows any user to create a pool and launch an exchange for their token and provide liquidity without having to pay a ridiculous amount to get listed, and its an decentralized exchange as well. I also like how you can stake your LP tokens on Flamingo/Pancake Swap and get a token for doing so!

And i wanted to see something like this on Neo, allow anyone to create a liquidity pool, and be able to sell a token!, but also to provide some sort of security of it, so liquidity owners/token creators can lock their tokens for a set amount of time to show the users that they are serious and the users don't need to fear of a liquidity pool being drained!

What it does

There are a couple fun features here,

  1. Swap
    • Functionality which allows for multi hops as well as single pool swap between tokens
  2. Pool
    • You can add liquidity to any pool
    • You can remove liquidity from any pool
  3. Utility
    • Create a NEP17 token
      • Users don't need to know how to code a token to be able to create a NEP17 token, making it easier for them to launch a project
    • Create Liquidity Pool
      • Owners can also create a liquidity pool, with their newly created token + any other token to create an exchange pair, to easily allow users to be able to swap tokens
    • Lock/Unlock Liquidity
      • Owners can also lock their liquidity, to increase the trust around the community
      • Once the lockup period has ended they can then unlock their liquidity

How we built it

Pumpkin Swap was built using:

  • Angular on the front-end
  • C# for the smart contract

The smart contracts are as following


  • PumpkinToken
  • C# for the smart contract

Challenges we ran into

Not knowing much about decentralized exchanged, it was very difficult to figure out how it all worked and how AMM worked.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Going from not knowing anything about DEX to having an application where you can:

  1. Swap tokens
  2. Add/Remove Liquidity
  3. Deploy NEP17 contract and deploying liquidity pool
  4. Locking/Unlocking LP tokens

was amazing, and really fun to work on!

What we learned

I have gained more knowledge about how DEX's work. The security behind DEX's. How AMM works.

What's next for Pumpkin Swap

There is still plenty to add, but the main things are:

  • Staking functionality
  • Providing staking rewards to users who stake in your pool
  • Allow locking up individual tokens as well, and not just liquidity pool tokens
  • Better navigation
  • Better experience when confirming a transaction
  • Borrowing and Lending functionality, providing collateral

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