Key Objective #1: Demonstrate how creating simple Appian based applications allow positive technology immersion for kids of all ages.

Key Objective #2: Engage young girls in technology, where they are not only interacting with it, but are actually building it to solve a real-life problem.

What it does

A mobile ready, web application that allows Girl Scouts to easily collect, track and submit their Cookie orders.

Major Feature Highlights

  • Allows Girl Scouts to use mobile devices to collect Cookie Orders, including locations without cellular network using Appian’s Mobile Offline capabilities.
  • Allows Girl Scouts to view not only their own personal Cookie Goals, but also her troop’s as well. This allows Girl Scouts to be true team mates by helping fellow scouts who are behind.
  • Allows Girl Scouts to view their own Cookie Map using Appian’s Google Map Custom Component Plugin, to track all the houses they have covered and have orders from. Easy to find gaps in their scouting, and definitely helps to plan the cookie deliveries.
  • Allows Troop Leaders to create their own troops, enroll scouts and track progress on the troop and the scout level.
  • Allows Troop Managers to quickly download, and slice and dice the data on a troop, scout, cookie, or geo-spatial dimensions for most optimal order management.
  • Allows the Customers to review their order and related allergy information in real-time. Optionally, ability to track the progress of their orders if they provide emails.

How I built it

I engaged my kids – Diya and Manya to understand what they would like to see if they were building an app. Some really cool ideas like using Google Maps to create the CookieMap came from these discussions. I coded the application incrementally and at frequent intervals I asked Diya and Manya to test the app on their own iPads.

Challenges I ran into

The biggest hurdle was how build the app from color schemes to feature names so that it makes sense to the kids…

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

My biggest accomplishment was when Diya, my 7-year-old daughter, asked me very naively where all of this “stuff” goes? Talking to her explaining the basic concepts of a relational database was a great experience, and felt proud that my daughter was asking the right questions. I hope to give this experience to so many other girls.

What I learned

Building apps for kids is not simple. They have their very own way to look at things. As I researched more and spoke to few Troop Leaders I am very thrilled that this solution can be easily extended to make some real-life difference for so many kids.

What's next for CookieSmart?

If we win, we want to use the prize money to actually buy Appian licenses and few mobile devices to execute a pilot program for various troops in the NOVA region (with all the permissions necessary from the Girl Scouts and the Troop Leaders).

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