CookieMonster is designed to provide an intuitive yet informative interface for user interaction with browser cookies. Google Chrome makes it difficult to easily access cookie information. CookieMonster presents everyone from everyday web browsers to hardcore surfers with fast information about what cookies are being installed by their favorite sites and useful tools for managing them. Paying tribute to our favorite cookie-munching cartoon character, we designed CookieMonster to give internet users a little more control and a whole lot of fun.


CookieMonster isn't just another boring old extension. But fair warning-CookieMonster isn't for the faint of heart. CookieMonster provides users not only with the utility of being able to decide which cookies are installed on their browser, but also with a breath of fresh air from the dreariness of click-bait and top ten slideshows. In all seriousness, we hope CookieMonster teaches people a little bit about what websites install on their browsers behind the scenes, and shows them that they do have the power and ability to control that.

"Me Cookie Monster. That all there is to it. Me love to eat cookie. Sometimes eat whole, sometimes me chew it"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Cookie Monster~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


CookieMonster was created taking full advantage of Google Chrome's latest suite of developer tools. We used Chrome API's such as:

chrome.tabs chrome.activeTabs chrome.browsingData chrome.browserAction chrome.cookies

CookieMonster is a browser action that appears as a cookie icon on the top right corner of GoogleChrome. Clicking on the icon displays a popup containing a list view of all cookies stored by your current tab on your browser. CookieMonster includes an option to remove these cookies from your browser simply by clicking the icons along side list items. Cookie-status updates in real time, as elements are removed from the list.

Additionally, CookieMonster includes multi-munch capabilities. The "Clear Webpage Cookies" button clears all cookies from a given tab. The "Clear Browser Cookies" button clears cookies from all tabs currently open in Chrome. The "Clear Browser Cookies" button also prompts users to confirm they want to clear all cookies--some cookies are incredibly useful!

We took advantage of Chrome Extension's "Badge" feature to add real-time status of the current tab's cookies onto the CookieMonster icon. The number of cookies stored by a users webpage is displayed on a red notification badge overlaying the extension icon.


We've hidden two special buttons in CookieMonster, adding browsing history features and some fun facts. Good luck finding them! Hint--they can see you. Watch the video if you're really that curious.

We'd like to give a huge shout out to the student organizers, MLH, and the sponsors at MHacks. The event was truly inspiring, and as first timers, we had a great time and learned invaluable lessons.

Go Blue and Me Want Coookies!

Ashwin & Davis

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