We were inspired to solve the issue of splitting roommate costs in the most efficient and organized manner as possible. As current and soon-to-be university students, our team has had many struggles related to budgeting. This web project is aimed to help people manage and keep track of where our money flows in our intense everyday life.

What it does

CookieJar allows users to quickly and easily keep track of debts and make e-transfers among groups of friends. Functions include the ability to see the balance other group members owe to you or otherwise. Playing on sharing a jar of cookies on your average kitchen counter, CookieJar is a quick fix to all your financial issues within your friend groups.

How we built it

We made use of the firebase API to effectively create a system that can help groups divvy costs. We also allowed people to use e-transfer actions with their bank account and allow users to track their past transactions.

Challenges we ran into

Our greatest challenge was coming up with an idea we wanted to work on for the weekend, and ironically spent the first 3rd of the competition discussing ideas. On the technical side, we ran into a lot of bugs. We had trouble integrating the FireBase API into our program and there were many special cases that disrupted our software.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It’s super exciting that we’ve created a webapp that can currently be used to calculate expenses in our friend groups. It can handle multiple groups to allow communication among friends, roommates, and families about money no matter where they go.

What we learned

Over the weekend, we learned how to incorporate apis that were new to us, as well as how to work with flask.

What's next for CookieJar

In the future, CookieJar will become a mobile app through which direct transfers and payments may actually be made between us and our friends.

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