For most kids, there are things that are good for them that they wouldn't do on their own -- i.e. taking a shower, eating veggies, doing homework. We wanted to make a system that helps parents motivate kids to be healthy and responsible, while also teaching them basic financial literacy and some important life lessons.

What it does

Parents can set "Jobs" for their kids to complete (e.g. "Do something nice for your brother", "Wash the car", etc.) and set CookieCash rewards as well. The kids save up CookieCash and can shop at a Store, where the parents define prizes (e.g. "Ice Cream Sundae: 10 CookieCash", "Movies: 50 CookieCash", etc.), thus teaching them the value of saving, and that you can't have your cake and eat it too. They can also invest their CookieCash in "Bonds" to learn about long-term planning, and they can send/receive CookieCash with their siblings to practice accountability and lending.

How we built it

We built the frontend with React and the backend with Flask and GCP Datastore.

Challenges we ran into

Time constraints, new frameworks, life

What's next for CookieCash

Maybe we'll actually make a thing out of this, we dunno.

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