After all four of us were stranded in the depths of the "Teambuilding Workshop", surrounded by somewhat serious ideas such as solving global warning and ending world hunger, we decided Hack the North needed some light relief. However, not too light, as cookies are source of sugar and fat.

Everyone's heard of cookie clicker, but what if you could play it without even having to click? That's why Cookie Craver exists (it still probably shouldn't though).

What it does

Rather than having to tire out your poor finger, constantly clicking all day to earn precious cookies, Cookie Craver simply recycles your browser cookies. Not only is this good for the environment (#YayRecycling), but it has significant health benefit such as reducing carpel tunnel. Therefore, we can say this probably the only hack at this hackthon which actually has implemented real benefits to people's health. Not only that, but it also gives those stupid EU cookie warnings somewhat of a use. They're still pointless though.

How we built it

Hmm.. hard question. We're so tired we can barely remember.

The Chrome extension is made using wonderful HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Well, the HTML and the JavaScript is decent - maybe not the CSS. It uses Google Cloud APIs to steal all your data authenticate users, and Chrome's built in APIs to track cookies.

The backend was developed using Python (not the snake, that would have been much more fun) and Flask (again, sadly not the one you can drink out of). Everything's hosted on Azure - the website lives in a VM hosted on there, and the database uses their very convenient MySQL service.

Above all else, we built it using passion, energy and commitment... and caffeine. Thinking about it, mainly caffeine.

Challenges we ran into

Yeaaahhh... where to start. It turns out we managed to somehow choose libraries that weren't compatible with the Azure service that we tried to use to host the Flask app. This caused five hours of pain and suffering. In fact, it's still happening as I type this now.

Weird things that shouldn't cause problems did too, such as needing my passport scan for some reason. Obviously this isn't ideal, considering we're in Waterloo and my passport is in London.

The hardest challenge of all way staying awake. We really need sleep, but we also want to win something. That might be the competition for who found the most t-shirts, but surely this work of art is worth more than that?

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • "Not yet."
  • "Pride is a sin."

What we learned

  • "Always do the simple thing, not the clever thing. The clever thing is not clever."
  • "Be careful with your Google search terms."
  • "How to develop Chrome extensions."

What's next for Cookie Craver

Not much, to be honest. It's already eternal greatness. Although we might go and add microtransactions, because screw you.

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