This hack of a puzzle game was implemented by the employees of the company "coodoo" (

The implementation itself is quite simple, the main difference is the game mechanic. While the rules are the same, the game is almost impossible to win, because of the new implemented timer. The player gets only 30 seconds to complete the puzzle. This means that it is not about finishing the game, but about achieving as many correct placements as possible in the little time that is provided. For each initially correct placement of a field you get extra time. So it is also a strategy to use some squares just to gain time. You can describe the flow of the game as follows: The app initially displays a start screen By pressing the start button the game begins The puzzle is displayed and you have 30 seconds to achieve as many correct placements as possible For each initial correct placement of a field you get additional 5 seconds to play You can restart the running game directly by pressing the reshuffle button. After a restart, each field is randomly redefined and the time is reset. After the time has elapsed, the GameOver screen is displayed An overview is displayed with the successfully set fields as well as the incorrectly set fields. Now you can go back to the start screen or restart the game directly

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