Just like different food has different flavor, different books have also different tastes. With, parents may encourage their children to read and finish the read card like a game, with the reward that they can cook together afterwards with the recipe the children find out via answering the reading card. The read card can also encourage children to use their imagination while reading, and guide them to taste a good story.

What it does

It provides books for Kids and Young Adults, which are compared with different foods with a recipe. Children can become the whole recipe after read the book and finish the reading card while reading the book. Then the discovered recipe can be a good media for a family cooking time.

How I built it

Website was built with React. Authentication was implemented via cognito userpool and Amplify. Database is DynamoDB via GraphQL

Challenges I ran into

UI design for kids and how to make the idea clear.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finishing the base of website in 2 days

What I learned

How to connect FrontEnd with backEnd

What's next for Coocbooc.Kids

Users will be able to post their own opinion how does one book taste like. It would be a good topic for family talk. To develope it to a platform for all kind of books, not only for children, but also adults can come

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