I was inspired to create this project because I was getting tired of getting up every morning and having to open the container of instant coffee, getting a spoon, putting the coffee in, and waiting for the water to boil.

What it does

Coobi is an instant coffee dispenser that also prepares hot water by setting off a water boiler.

How we built it

I built Coobi alone in my room over the course of the weekend. All the electronics I used were sourced from the motion-add-on box I received, except for the jumper cables I found in my garage. I used the USPS box I was mailed as the chassis.

Challenges we ran into

Ohh boy. A lot. Nontechnical-wise, I think the greatest hindrance to the project was wanting to incorporate too many components into the overall product, which drew a lot of time as I scraped planned ideas as I went along. A technical challenge was figuring out how to wire all the components and to find out how to program them.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I'm really proud of being about to create a product out of tech and components I had little to no experience or understanding of prior to IdeaHacks.

What we learned

I learned a whole bunch about circuitry, Arduino, and different kinds of electronic parts. I also learned about concepts like PWM and IR signals and other things like the purpose of a motor driver and a 5V regulator.

What's next for Coobi

I hope to incorporate the ESP32's wifi capability to remotely start Coobi. Or better yet, with a second ESP32 combined with the MPU-6050's accelerometer and attached to my toothbrush, I would be able to activate Coobi by brushing my teeth.

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