Traveling with more than one car's worth people you don't know, it's an annoying problem. Getting everyone to agree on travel arrangements and manage the trip on the road so that everyone agrees on stops, also very tedious. At UTRGV we felt this struggle on our way to TAMUHack.

What it does

Convoyance is a travel companion for those who plan to travel on the road in large groups. It provides carpool planning, a channel for communication/updates during travel, and aims to ease the pains of traveling together.

How we built it

Meteor powers the backend and frontend of the web application while Ionic was used to create a native Android / iOS app to use easily on the road.

Challenges we ran into

There's a way to use Meteor + AngularJS + Ionic so that all of our work could easily be contained to one project and that kept us busy until 5 or 6PM. We had to ditch that approached and just use Meteor with it's default templating library Blaze.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Using Meteor for a project at this scale. I mostly have been applying tutorials before.

What I learned

Angular 1.5 is weird and different that 1.4. Welp, I'll learn it eventually.

What's next for Convoyance

We hope to use it in feature travels with some touch ups.

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