Traveling together to different hackathons throughout Virginia we realized that we needed something to help us all stay together and arrive at the same place along with letting each other know what we were doing on the road.

What it does

Convoy is the next generation of travel companion apps. Convoy will allow you to create a "Convoy" with whomever has the app and send locations to each other for easy navigation. You will also be able to send notifications such as rest stops needed and also food needed on long trips and have it re route you to the destination and notify all of your "Convoy".

How I built it

We used android studio, Parse, Google Services API and the Google Maps API.

Challenges I ran into

Java, Android, Parse, Google Cloud Messaging.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to create a companion travel app that we will be able to use for future road trips together.

What I learned

Google API's, Parse, Android Stuidio

What's next for Convoy

Better routing, making improvements using waypoints and tracking live GPS movement of friends during travel.

Built With

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