A large percentage of students and kids who sit below the poverty line do not get the luxury and opportunity of being read to. Studies have show that those who get read to greatly outperform others in technical reading proficiency, literature understanding, and overall educative success. Many students, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds may not have the opportunity to be read to on regular basis due to parents working or lack of general resources. Additionally, this could have applications for the elderly who may have a different first language or have trouble grabbing context from different sentences and phrases. We set out to create a product that could bridge this gap and bringing equity to those in need.

What it does

convo is a simple approach to solving this problem using low cost modern-day solutions to allow for two main demographics of people to easily and effectively read books and accomplish additional educative tasks. Convo leverages the power of image processing using AWS's Rekognition technology in order to quickly pick out the words fed into the camera which is mounted on a pair of glasses. This solution allows for the flexibility to work on other tasks while being read to.

How we built it

We built it using Python, OpenCV, AWS Rekognition, Alexa Skills and Lambda, AWS Amplify, and React.

Challenges we ran into

We had a cockroach problem for like an hour around 4am that made it impossible to sleep

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Everything came together!

What we learned

A ton about AWE and OpenCV

What's next for convo

cooler glasses B)

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