What it does:

ConvertFlow is the only complete onsite marketing automation platform for Infusionsoft.

ConvertFlow quickly turns your website into an automated marketing channel by showing targeted calls-to-action to the right people, at the right time.

ConvertFlow engages your website visitors with targeted calls-to-action

In less than 5 minutes, you can launch targeted calls-to-action on your website that help you:

  • Generate more leads and sales opportunities
  • Retarget returning visitors and leads, converting them into customers
  • Promote your latest marketing campaigns
  • Upsell existing customers by making new offers

With ConvertFlow, you can do all of this as quickly as sending out an email to your list, without having to create a new landing page, or getting a designer and developer involved.

Easily automate your calls-to-action to appear based on what your visitors are doing on your website, which tags they have in Infusionsoft, and what they’ve done in your marketing tools.

As ConvertFlow captures emails for you, it researches each lead by gathering their social, professional and company info, turning an anonymous form submission into a real person you and your team can connect with. It does all this automatically, so you can quickly identify leads and personalize your marketing campaigns.

ConvertFlow also tracks every action people take on your website, such as the pages they visit, buttons they click, forms they submit, and the calls-to-action they engage with -- building an insightful history of how they’re engaging with your website.

By collecting key data, you can use ConvertFlow to target visitors based on their specific actions. For example, if you want to show an exit overlay on your pricing page to all the people who visited your services page "2" times...

Just set the targeting conditions for your overlay, and bam! It’s live.

ConvertFlow has powerful onsite marketing automation features, you can use to automate and show which calls-to-action appear to visitors throughout their customer lifecycle. We call these sequences “Flows”.

ConvertFlow Message Hook

As you create a Flow, you can easily define goals, and set calls-to-action to show for each stage in the lead's buying process.

As people progress through your Flows, you can set "actions" to trigger automatically when meaningful events happen.

For example, when someone engages with one of your calls-to-action or completes a goal, here's what you can trigger in Infusionsoft:

  • Tag them or remove a tag
  • Make them an opportunity
  • Move them to a lead stage
  • Start, stop, pause, and resume a follow up sequence
  • Send them a specific email in a sequence
  • Achieve a campaign goal
  • Trigger an action set

In other words, ConvertFlow’s onsite marketing automation features let you define what happens to your contacts within Infusionsoft and the tools you use to run your business on a daily basis. And it works based on the actions people take on your website, helping you convert more leads into paying customers.


While running our Miami-based marketing agency during the early part of 2015, my brother Jonathan Denney and I (Ethan Denney) were trying to figure out how we could get our clients (many of whom use Infusionsoft) amazing marketing results, and grow our business without having to redesign their websites and get caught up in into custom design projects.

So, while looking for ways to get our clients better results, and in an effort to avoid big website redesign projects, the idea for ConvertFlow came to us.

In almost every marketing campaign we had executed in recent months, we used some sort of proactive call-to-action to engage website visitors, such as slide-up boxes and exit-overlays. We were repeatedly using these “triggered” calls-to-action because they are very effective in delivering the right offer, at the right time.

We also found ourselves constantly custom coding overlays, and hacking together WordPress plugins and scripts for clients, so we could show overlays and slide-up calls-to-action. In most cases, these proactive calls-to-action increased conversion rates for our clients, and many times doubled the lead generation results from landing pages and content pieces.

What’s cool, is that the proactive calls-to-action we created did all this without having to change the internal design of the website.

Then, we discovered that if we were to show the right overlay offers to the right people when they came back to a site, we could create a very high level of engagement while moving qualified traffic towards the next step.

Soon after that, we noticed there were many email marketing solutions that allow you to automate sequences to send targeted emails at specific intervals, but very few tools could deliver the relevant calls-to-action to people who were actually engaging with your website.

Because we are active Infusionsoft users like many of our clients, we recognized there weren’t any effective solutions for truly syncing the marketing messages on a website with Infusionsoft campaigns.

So, we immediately saw a great opportunity to extend Infusionsoft’s marketing automation powers to websites, so that businesses can start showing the right calls-to-action to the right website visitors based on where they are in their Infusionsoft lifecycle campaigns.

That is what led to us to starting ConvertFlow.

How we built it:

We launched an MVP or minimum viable version of ConvertFlow in early 2015, and have been working closely with top Infusionsoft certified consultants and agencies, Infusionsoft customers, and with an Infusionsoft marketer of the year, to build a complete onsite marketing automation solution that gives Infusionsoft users the superpowers they have always wished they could have with their websites… all without having coding or design skills.

On the tech side of things, ConvertFlow is built with Ruby on Rails, javascript, HTML and CSS, and uses a deep integration with Infusionsoft’s API to show targeted calls-to-action based on what tags Infusionsoft contacts have, as well as allows businesses to trigger important actions in Infusionsoft when a contact completes an important goal on a website.

Challenges we ran into:

Discovering what unique value we can bring to Infusionsoft customers.

With a lot of collaborative feedback and validation through acquiring customers, the idea for ConvertFlow evolved quickly from solving the need for proactive calls-to-action on a site to becoming a complete onsite marketing automation solution. This would allow businesses to know who their contacts are, track actions they take on a website, show the right calls-to-action based on this key data, trigger actions in Infusionsoft, and in their other marketing tools.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of:

To our knowledge, we have built the only complete onsite marketing automation platform for Infusionsoft users.

After lots of optimization, ConvertFlow is currently scaling nicely. We process millions of events for businesses who are tracking the actions their contacts are taking on their websites.

And most importantly, we’re seeing customers significantly boost lead generation from their sites and increase their conversion rates when guiding returning visitors to take the next step towards becoming paying customers.

What we learned:

In regards to our customers, we’ve learned a lot more about the needs companies using Infusionsoft have, as well as companies who are actively marketing themselves online have for scaling and growing revenue. By working alongside them to build a solution that meets their needs, we’ve also learned a lot more about how to better serve them.

Building a software business has taught us a lot about investing in building a product that truly adds a lot of value and solves big problems for our target customers. It’s also teaching us through trial-and-error, how to balance a lean approach to taking a product to market, while thinking long-term, so we can build a company that will continue to serve Infusionsoft customers for years to come.

What’s next for ConvertFlow:

We have a lot of exciting plans for ConvertFlow and how it can give Infusionsoft customers even more super powers with their website and their other marketing tools.

While, we can’t reveal all of them just yet, here’s a few that we’re rolling out in the coming months:

  • People Analytics – See insightful reports of how your contacts are using your website, track important conversion metrics in your business, and discover important insights on your visitors that drive new calls-to-action and conversions
  • A/B Split-Testing – A/B split-test your calls-to-action to see which converts best with visitors on your site
  • Embedded Dynamic Calls-to-Action – Display the right call-to-action within your website’s sidebar, posts etc.
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