All of us have been exposed to various Indian songs as children. It gave us a way to connect back to our culture immigrating to the USA. We started learning Carnatic, a popular Indian classical music style, when we were in elementary school. Later, once we started playing our instruments, we ran into issues with playing Indian songs. They were in a different format than how we and learnt it at school. We decided to create a converter for this, so more people are aware that Indian songs could be played on Western instruments.

The website converts Carnatic notes to western music for certain instruments such as flute, violin, and piano. It also provides some fully converted songs that the user can play!

We built our website using pure HTML, CSS, and Javascript

We were beginners that had no experience with coding in HTML and CSS. Therefore, our biggest challenge was in correcting the errors we made. We constantly ran into issues with parts of the website not functioning as we wanted. We had to spend lots of time watching videos and browsing the internet in an attempt to find a way to debug our issues.

We can proudly say that the website accurately converts Carnatic music notes into western notes according to the instruments. And during the process, we learned more about our culture!

In the future we plan on adding more instruments, adding more songs, and converting western music to Carnatic music

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