People convert to veganism for different reasons. It's a difficult transition, and we wanted to make it easier for those who enjoy cooking

What it does

Converts non-vegan ingredients into vegan ones

How we built it

We built a chrome extension, along with a mongoDB backend to support converting recipes. Users can add substitutions at and can use our extension on any page!

Challenges we ran into

Regex is hard...replacing plural words and compound words with common words were both extremely difficult tasks Injecting DOM objects into a webpage proved to be extremely difficult, so whereas providing one substitution for an ingredient was a reasonable task, providing a dropdown list was a full team effort

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It works! Kinda... We're proud of the state of our extension, we have a dynamic icon, and words really get changed!

What we learned

chrome extensions, backends, regex, everyone learned some JS (even though we had limited experience initially!)

What's next for Convert to Vegan!

Get those last few issues addressed, start working on our additional features : converting ingredient quantities for non-one-to-one substitutions; convert selected text only, and overall improvement of substitutions

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