Wouldn't it be handy to be able talk directly with teammates in the Confluence editor to make decisions quickly?

When Atlassian introduced the collaborative editing feature in Confluence, it unlocked a lot of possibilities. Finally everyone could work on the same page at the same time, and actually see what others were contributing as they did it.

However, when you're not in the same room as your collaborators, sometimes it can feel more like an editing battle instead of collaboration.

Maybe you've been in this situation: you're editing a page together with colleagues working from other locations. While they are adding content you notice they're using incorrect or outdated information. You want to help them out before they go further, but all you can do is write your message somewhere on the page, hoping the other person will see it.

If they have external chat programs silenced, it can be tough to reach out in these scenarios. What is missing is to have the ability for an instant live conversation with your collaborators right inside the Confluence editor.

That's why we developed Conversations Video Chat for Confluence.

What it does

Conversations brings live video chat directly to the Confluence editor, allowing users to get input from teammates and make decisions quickly without switching tools.

First seen as Bobbleheads, winner of ShipIt Live at Atlassian Summit Europe 2017, Conversations Video Chat for Confluence evolves the collaborative editing experience.

Collaboration in its native form—real conversation - Talking is the fastest, most accurate way to make decisions about content. Conversations takes collaborative editing one step further by letting teammates converse right within the Confluence editor.

Keep focus by conversing within the work itself - Context switching takes mental energy. Avoid the loss of using an outside chat tool to collaborate by having conversations directly within the context of the content you're working on.

Invite any Confluence user with just a click - Video chat is instantly available in the Confluence editor to all of your users. Invite collaborators to join with just a click, with no need to install or maintain outside software or other tools.

How we built it

The whole project was originally called called Bobbleheads, and it won Hacketse – our internal hackathon that happens multiple times over the course of the year. A few months later we were proud to have it picked to be presented at Atlassian's ShipIt Live event, and then lucky enough to end up winning as the audience's top choice. Woot!

Pushing this hackathon project forward to become a real product that gives real customers a good experience was the next challenge. Though Conversations is different than the original Bobbleheads, it delivers the benefit that we wanted from the beginning – natural face-to-face communication right within the Confluence editor.

We're really proud of what the team has accomplished with Conversations Video Chat for Confluence.

What we learned

Stringent constraints such as UI extension points can work in your favour - sometimes doing less really is more.

What's next for Conversations Video Chat for Confluence

We would love to see this product adopted by customers in order to get some feedback. Although we already have some additional features in mind, we want to listen to users first to identify their needs, and invest time where we can help them most. And as not all of you are using Confluence in the Cloud, we also have plans to work on a server version in the near term.

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