With the connect to board and mirror feature getting stronger we found ourselves building a lot of solutions utilizing the connect to board column where vital information about a client, project or object was sitting in different places within This in turn hurt the user experience and made it hard to get a joint view of everything that happened in one place.

We realized that this capability is just as vital from a CRM perspective as it is for a PMO solution or a Ticket/ case management system.

What it does

Collect and show updates from all linked items in one place with Conversations App for With the app, you'll see all updates related to projects, clients or sales opportunities.

With Conversations App you'll never miss an update for a project, and you will be able to prepare more effectively for meetings with clients by reviewing all related updates at one glance.

Conversations App Item view

The Conversations App is providing an additional item view that's making it possible to show updates from all linked items and subitems, while still respecting native permission settings, in one place sorted by created date.


  • Get updates from Connect Boards columns
  • Get updates from Dependency columns
  • Get updates from Subitems
  • Get updates from multiple levels

How to install

To install Conversations App, go to App Marketplace and search for Conversations.

After installation, you can add the Conversations View by clicking on any item on the board to open the side menu, then click the 'Add View' button. Search for Conversations and click 'Add Widget'.

You will then get a new tab in item view in your account. Click 'Conversations' tab to see updates from all linked items. To configure what updates you want to include, click 'settings'.


By adding automations that create updates at important status changes you will also get operational information in the Conversations feed.

How we built it

It's build with react and monday SDK.

Challenges we ran into

  • Make it look like a native monday updates.
  • Implementing updates from multiple levels, and letting user know where this update is located in a link chain, e.g.: Client > Project > Task.
  • Make it intuitive for users to reply, we have implemented chat icon following native update icon behaviours with colours and updates counter.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Functioning and hopefully useful app for others to enjoy.

What we learned

More Typescript features and monday api related to updates.

What's next for Conversations

Listening for feedback and implementing improvements.

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