conversationHEALTH is a digital health startup that delivers personalized conversations between healthcare brands and their target consumers, patients, and HCPs

We propose to partner with Novartis, to develop a patient centric chat bot called conversationHF, that leverages human assisted AI to deliver engagement, adherence, loyalty and outcomes

We are experts at understanding the healthcare journeys of patients and develop >200 pre-structured conversations that meet both the "pull" (patient asking the bot a question) and "pull" (conversations that the bot delivers to the patient) requirements for any condition and/or treatment

Of course - patients can query the bot with millions of different questions (i.e. combination of words) - but we leverage our NLP IP to effectively match any question to one of our pre-structured conversational answers.

We apre presently engaged by 7+ global pharma companies to develop bespoke bot solutions (whether they be web chat, chat bot, or Voice) to meet the consumer, patient, or HCP business objectives of a particular brand and/or condition.

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