The goal of this project is to bring the power of Azure Cognitive Services and Voice Search to the Travel Industry. There are a number of problems that our project aims to solve:

  • Lack of voice and conversational capabilities in Travel products- it is estimated that 50 percent of all searches will be voice searches by 2020 according to ComScore
  • Conservative design and lack of personalization
  • Need for multiple channels and consistent user experience
  • Poor accessibility for people with disabilities

What it does

  • Conversational AI system for flight and hotel bookings
  • End-users can use chat and voice to find and book trips
  • Automated service that saves costs and time
  • Combining the power of Conversational AI with traditional Travel systems
  • Available on multiple channels e.g. web, mobile app, social networks, etc.
  • Accessible for people with disabilities


  • Conversational AI communication via voice and chat
  • Search and book flights via connection with the Amadeus APIs
  • Search and book hotels via connection with the Amadeus APIs
  • Conversational AI mobile app
  • Answer FAQs about travel

How we built it

The project is heavily based on several Azure Cognitive Services.

  • Speech Services - this service is used to generate the voice/speech output of the assistant
  • - this service is used for parsing natural language queries/messages; we recognize the intents and entities of each message
  • QnA Maker - this service is used for answering frequently asked questions; this service uses Azure Search internally

High-level architecture

The source code of the project is split into two main parts:

client - contains all front-end code, implementing the user interface server - contains all back-end code, implementing responses, flows, controllers, API integrations, etc.

The front-end of the project is implemented with Vue.js. The back-end is implemented with Node.js.

Github Repo

Our Github repo is private and we have invited devposttesting ( as a collaborator who can access and test our code.

Built With

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