Our solution is an innovative project at the intersection of robotic process automation, conversational AI and CRM systems. Our focus is on the automation of repetitive enterprise tasks in a user-friendly manner.

Our solution is innovative, easy to use and accessible for everyone. It enables end-users to trigger predefined RPA processes in UiPath using chat and voice. To enterprises, we provide off-the-shelf components that they can connect with any chatbot and voice assistant platform to automate repetitive tasks.

What it does

Our solution automates two of the most commonly executed enterprise tasks: Lead Generation and New Opportunities creation. Our solution also provides the opportunity for companies to easily connect to any Conversational AI platform (e.g. TechnologyValley, Skype for Business, Slack, etc.) and to any CRM system (e.g. SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics, etc.). All modules are reusable and fully customizable.

In summary, our solution does the following:

  1. Connection between any Conversational AI/Chatbot system to UiPath Orchestartor - we developed this as an Node.js SDK published in GitHub and this module can be set for any Conversationl AI/Chatbot system that the enterprise prefers. This is one of the first open-source projects that works with the new UiPath Cloud Platform has a new mechanism for consuming APIs.

  2. Automation of the repetitive Lead Generation process - using UiPath, we automated the fulfillment of a new lead by taking the lead information from the Conversational AI/Chatbot system and automatically sending it to the right table in SalesForce (by default we set it for SalesForce but it can be customized for any other CRM)

  3. Automation of the repetitive New Opportunity process - using UiPath, we automated the fulfillment of a new opportunity when a user is interested in company's product. We did that by taking the opportunity information from the Conversational AI/Chatbot system and automatically sending it to the right table in SalesForce (by default we set it for but it can be customized for any other CRM)

  4. Connection with a CRM - we set it up by default that the information is entered into SalesForce but we made the module in such a way that the enterprise can set it up for other CRM systems that they want

All modules from our solutions can be fully customized and used altogether as an end-to-end solution for automation of two repetitive tasks as well as separately as every module is also available independently and is able to be fully customized.

In our Demo, we show how a company can automate their lead generation and ordering processes. In this demo, we have focused on the banking industry but our solution is generic enough to be applied to any other industry.

  1. The end user starts a chat with the conversational AI system which can be hosted on the company website.
  2. The Conversational AI system uses our open-source Node.js SDK to trigger a job in the UIpath orchestrator.
  3. The orchestrator uses one or more robots to get the job done.
  4. At the end the lead and order information is automatically sent and entered into the CRM system. We have used SalesForce but with our UPath library enterprises can use any other CRM.

How we built it

We have built the following deliverables:

The integration of the Conversational AI with UiPath for the demo An open-source Node.js SDK that any enterprise can use to connect their Chatbots and Conversational AI solutions to UiPath Orchestrator An open-source reusable UiPath library that any enterprise can use in their workflows to generate Leads and Orders in SalesForce

Challenges I ran into

The main challenges we ran into were in relation to difficulty in finding information about certain UiPath functions, modules and options. Finding out that information was time-consuming but we managed to resolve the difficulties.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are happy that we managed to develop a fully functional, reusable and useful project that can help enterprises with some of the most common repetitive tasks such as Lead Generation and New Opportunity Creation. We are really happy that we created an innovative product that combines Conversational AI, RPA and CRM. The solution is highly customizable, so it can be used by any enterprise for any use-case.

What's next for Conversational RPA

We would like to establish a partnership with UiPath so that we can combine the power of RPA with Conversational AI technology.

Product-wise, there are many directions that our project can be extended. One of the main directions is to develop additional modules with more Conversational AI functionalities.

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