What it does

A conversational artificially intelligent contraption to help with people's mental health.

How I built it

Made with love in Karachi, Pakistan. Tools used: DialogFlow (Natural Language Processing engine), Android Studio, Flutter (Dart)

What I learned

This project taught me a lot in the process while researching about mental health, I came across a lot of different stories on the internet that made me more aware of what's happening in this world, and how every single person on this planet is going through something and it's always better to talk it out, hence why I made this application;

What's next

I have had the idea for this application for quite some time, but I couldn't take out time to actually work on it. When I found out about Telenor HackFair, I thought this is exactly the jolt I need to absolutely make time one way or another and work on making this idea into a reality. I couldn't give a lot of time and effort this application because I found out about this competition a lot later (10 Feb), but if given a chance, I'd really love to turn this into a fully-fledged application by integrating full conversations into the Natural Language Processing engine (Dialogflow) and publish it on the AppStore for the world to see and get help from this application!

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