Converge was initially designed to improve the social and work productivity of people who often find themselves involved in group activities, particularly like college students.

What it does

Given the address of every person in a group and a type of meeting location, Converge will find a meeting spot that minimizes the total distance that each group member has to travel to meet up with their group, and it finds venues local to that particular spot that would suit the group. If a group of college students living wanted to study, they might put in a few dorm building names and choose the library category to find the most convenient library to meet at. Converge also links directly to uber to allow a member to order in a ride to the location.

How I built it

Web application tools, including Python/Flask, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, as well as the Google Maps API and JQuery.

Challenges I ran into

Properly setting up the Maps API

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Having a product that works almost exactly as we initially envisioned it to.

What I learned

How to build practical web applications using Flask.

What's next for Converge

Mobile app, improved UI.

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