Our inspiration to build this application is because of the inefficiencies companies face when managing their hiring process and the lack of communication many applicants face when applying to companies. We wanted to build a system which could improve application management and communication with applicants.

What it does

This application can enable companies to receive applications and track applicants through their own hiring process with the ability to easily communicate with them by automatically compiling a custom e-mail for applicants at each decision stage of the hiring process.

The application also integrates with Google Drive enabling companies to use this service to enable applicants to submit online assessments and video interviews and also manage these documents.

Additional features include job role management and time management for hiring managers to appoint interview dates and view them easily on a calendar.

How I built it

We built this application purely using Appian using an external integration with Google Drive. No additional components outside of Appian and the identified service were used.

Challenges I ran into

We faced some challenges with ways we could integrate our application with video interview software and testing software so that companies already using these kinds of software can seamlessly use these services through Appian.

What we learned

As we are new to the Appian community we have learnt a lot technically and improved our skills in Appian.

What's next for Convedo Onboarding Application

Additional features can be included to enrich our application such as using a competency matrix which can be used to add additional job description details.

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